Pikoc scented mists bring freshness and softness to your daily life. Use them as linen or interior scent. Composed of an odor neutralizer of natural origin, they capture bad smells: tobacco, frying or perspiration. Our water-based formula will respect your clothes and your interior.

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Natural ingredients

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bad odors

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Does not pollute indoor air

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Cruelty free and vegan

MIST 200ml

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MIST - 30ml

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A minimalist formula, natural ingredients

Composed of more than 98% natural ingredients, Pikoc mists are formulated with water. This formula does not contain alcohol will respect your textiles and your skin. Use it as a linen perfume or home fragrance.Our formula keeps only the essentials and is biodegradable.  Limited in volatile organic compounds, the Pikoc mist will not pollute your interiors.

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