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Choose an ecological detergent
which smells divine!

Stop the compromises.

Combine efficiency , ecology and pleasure with Pikoc detergents and their three addictive scents. Made in France and rechargeable , they bring softness and protection to your laundry.

Why choose Pikoc detergent?

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Premium fragrances

Without controversial products

Sensitive skins


They talk about us


"I have become addicted to your detergents. Thanks to you, laundry has become a pleasure."


Instagram - December 2021


"My line smells so good, and the smell stays for several days. It smells like the whole house."


Instagram - January 2022


"Ultra-fast delivery in 24 hours! Fan of this detergent that I've already been using for months!"


Choose - August 2021

A natural and effective detergent

With more than 95% of natural origin , the ingredients of our formulas are carefully chosen to have the least possible impact on our planet and our health, while guaranteeing optimal efficiency .  

By favoring ingredients of natural origin, Pikoc products are non-toxic and biodegradable .

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Sumptuous fragrances

By adopting the codes of exceptional perfumery , Pikoc is turning the world of the home upside down.  


Trained perfumers, we are committed to offering perfumes of unparalleled quality .

We want to transport you to a world still unexplored in household products: pleasure.

A clean laundry

No more preservatives, antioxidants, optical brighteners, dyes or enzymes that can cause allergic reactions and damage your skin.


You can use Pikoc detergents with your eyes closed!

Non-toxic to the aquatic environment, our detergent is concentrated to limit the use of water.

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Suitable even for babies

Approved by dermatological tests , our detergent, enriched with organic aloe vera extract, will take care of your skin!


There are no preservatives in our products to respect the most sensitive skin.
Which makes it a perfect laundry detergent for your baby .

Section Title

To reduce the environmental impact and promote French know-how ,

we are proud to be able to present you products

Fragrances of unparalleled quality that stay on the laundry

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Iris Shard

Do you like sweet and musky notes? Eclat d'iris is made for you. 
The powdery and fruity notes bring comfort and softness to your laundry. The iris is there to underline all the elegance of this fragrance.

A real comforter. 

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Orange blossom

Lovers of orange blossom, you will be conquered by this fresh and sunny interpretation.


The green notes of bergamot and the amber base make you travel south for a little warmth.  An addictive fragrance. 

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Mythical Wood

Looking for a powerful perfume? Bois Mythique keeps its promises.


The freshness of pine and the strength of cedar bring renewal to your laundry.

The reassuring and elegant scent will accompany you all day long. 

They talk about us


"Incredible scents that stay on the laundry! It gave sensory appeal to my dressing room and my linens, that's what I wanted!"


Choose - February 2022


"I've been looking for the perfect detergent for years and I found it, thanks to you. God knows I've tried some! Not only do I love the scent, but I find that my laundry is softer."


Instagram - December 2021


"The scent of your detergents is super pleasant. I'm won over! "


Instagram - November 2021

You too, change your daily life

Scents of unparalleled quality for detergents, resulting from the know-how of Haute-Perfumery,

that stay on the linen for a rediscovered and lasting pleasure.

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1L = 25 Washes

Wash even the silk

Pikoc laundry detergent does not make anyone jealous.
A silk shirt, a big cashmere sweater or even linen sheets to wash? No problem ! Your delicate laundry will come out washed and like new.  

Your textiles will be protected with Pikoc. 

Image de Dan Gold
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No more fabric softener

True 2 in 1 detergent , you can forget your fabric softener container.  

The formula was developed to take care of clothes. Aloe vera , present in our detergent, will naturally soften and protect  your fabrics.  

With our skin-friendly formula, you can hand wash your laundry.

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Refill in our showroom

Made in France

Secure payment

© Pikoc, 2022


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