Never thought of a laundry detergent as a gift ? Thanks to Pikoc, this is now a possibility. 

Here you'll find all of our gift sets to offer others or even yourself.


Discover all of Pikoc's scented laundry detergent collection with this discovery set. 


A cotton pouch containing our three pocket size mists. Carry them around everywhere you go.


In a elegant cotton pouch, you'll find a scented detergent and a freshening mist, the perfect combination for your home !

Dryer Ball Set

The perfect set to make drying your clothes and laundry a quicker, sustainable and scented gesture. This set contains 4 reusable dryer balls and a fragrance oil so you can add a few drops of your favorite Pikoc's perfume to change your drying habit into a scented one.  


Our formula is composed of more than 90% of molecules derived from nature and contains no phtalates, no preservatives, no antioxydants, no enzymes nor dyes.

Our laundry detergent is non-toxic for the aquatic environment and is made in France to minimize our carbon impact.

Let's be eco-friendly

To avoid throwing away your Pikoc detergent bottles, and to help make our world more sustainable, you can come fill them up at our showroom or at any of our partner shops.