The stubborn smell of white vinegar is over. With Pikoc scented vinegars, we guarantee that you will have a big smile during your cleaning sessions!

Certified Ecocert and made with 100% natural perfumes.

Santal Frais

The strength of sandalwood and cedarwood mixed with the audacity of cardamom and ginger spices.

Citron Zeste

A fresh green lime highlighted by the strength of mint and

Jasmin Pêche

The sweetness of solar flowers coated with the fruity notes
of peach and apricot

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At Pikoc we strive to be as natural as possible while remaining efficient.


Our household vinegars are composed of 99% natural ingredients and a 100% natural fragrance.


Their biodegradable formulas were created to have the least impact on the environment and to be gentle on your skin.


And still without preservatives, coloring, antioxidants or non-essential ingredients.